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about me:


what i stan:

these're some long lists so brace yourself

•the dragon prince
•voltron fanon!! (main!)
•steven universe
•over the garden wall
•adventure time

my hero academia (main!)•
blue exorcist•
fairy tail•
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid•
tokyo ghoul•
aoyama 🤧🤧•

•winter moon
•always human
•my dragon girlfriend
•my name is benny
•aerial magic
•life outside the circle
•les normaux
•woman world
•fisheye placebo
•boyfriend of the dead

percy jackson odyssey•
heroes of olympus•
trials of apollo•
magnus chase•
maximum ride series•
harry potter•
endgame series•
the adventue zone•
to you, the immortal•


•tsumina (?)
•todoiideku (?)

dont follow if:

•you ship shit like incest, pedophilia, abusive relationships, etc.
•you're okay with rape, abuse, pedophilia, etc.
•you're a pedophile, map, nomap (or just block me, i'm a fucking minor i dont want your shit)
•you're a fujoshi, fudanshi, or you feteshize lgbt relationahips or people
•you fetishize poc
•you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc.
•you think cishets deserve rights (not including our lovely allies)

( Made with Carrd )